Founded by Kells Nouveau of Silverceiling LLC,

a niche was found in the bridal industry. Lets create spaces that cater specifically to special occasions. That are more than just hotel rooms but spaces that provide character, life, and incredible experiences. That is how SCSuites were born.


We’ve anticipated your every need so there is never a want.

Scenic locations. Gardens. Coffee. Champagne. Luxurious Linens. Rest easy and enjoy it all.


Let us expect More

At SCSuites, our goal is for you to have a memorable, ultra-comfortable experience. Here are our standards.

  • A Warm Check-in: we are here if you need us; but we will also respect your privacy. Choose to meet your host upon check in or opt for the self check- in options.

  • Coffee selection with your choice of sweeteners and creams. A plethora of custom chosen snacks, plenty of waters, and sparkling beverage.

  • Top of the line linens and mattresses to make your stay exceptionally peaceful

  • Cable TV with premium channels. Turbo speed internet.

  • Luxurious gardens and restful surroundings.

  • Expert recommendations on night life, dining, experiences and more upon request. Allow Kells to make the reservations for you.

  • Luxury bath products, shampoos and conditioners, and candles to make you feel right at home.

  • Easy parking: never pay for parking or be without.


Questions, Feedback?

We want to hear from you. Feel free to contact directly.